The Company

Highly Functional Glass was founded in 2016 by the Anarchapulco Glass Works team which consists of Dana, John, and Lily. Highly Functional Glass is a agorist lampworking business which is centered around the ideas inherent in the philosophies of Liberty and Voluntaryism.  By creating quality glass pipes, adult toys, and trinkets the company seeks to provide customers with dependable products they love, while simultaneously spreading the message of liberty.


The Founders


Dana: Based out of Cleveland Ohio, Dana is a self proclaimed epiphany chaser, travel addict, and novice lampworker. After dropping out of high school he has went on to become an entrepreneur, blogger, public spokesperson, and live music performer.  He has been featured on the School Sucks Podcast, and has been an active participant in the Libertarian and Voluntarist communities across the United States. By being heavily involved in the cannabis culture since his preteens, Dana has developed a passion for self ownership and voluntary association. After years of sales experience, Dana has become an articulate communicator with excellent interpersonal skills.


John: Being an entrepreneur since childhood, John plays a essential role in Highly Functional Glass. He provides knowledge from his many years of experience on topics such as business management and time management. An excellent critical thinker, he is able to ask questions to cover all bases, something that is vital when starting a new company. Having come at glass from the more logical side of things, he will have interesting things to offer in this medium of functional art. He has some experience on the torch, with a lot of research into the craft and equipment which will make the initial learning process smooth. His critical nature allows him to learn anything quickly, while the creative side of him will allow him to be a successful glassblower. While he is interested in the craft, his anarcho-capitalist spirit revels at the possibility of a new successful business venture.


Lily: The dreamer, the one that had the dream that sparked it all. The Bong Smith to be that inspired the other two members to take up her dream and start shaping it into reality with her. She is the one who has the raw hands on experience blowing glass and is ready to take her skills to the next level. Standing apart from majority of todays glass blowing community by being a anarcho-capitalist has been key in developing our low cost approach to this business when most modern glass blowers try to keep the barriers to entry high. One of the ways she intends to do this is to lead our program of finding and training young apprentices to take our business into the future and spread the entrepreneurial spirit.