Welcome to Highly Functional Glass!

We are an aspiring lampworking company based on the philosophy of Liberty. We are currently seeking both donations and investments for our start up. Our goal is $5,000. All the funds raised will be directed towards purchasing equipment and material needed for production.

Please visit our About Page to read more of our story

To contact us for business inquires or general questions, please email highlyfunctionalglass@protonmail.com

To donate, please send your donations to:

Paypal: Highlyfunctionalglass@gmail.com

Bitcoin: 1LAS6Dr7jBD9HTzKFT9tcg9Nv3KAXphtZX



Update 3/17/16: We have received our first donation – $500!! Thank you so much! $4,500 more to go!


Update 3/19/16: Two more donations! One of .07 & another of .2454 BTC! $130.00 closer to our goal. $4,370 to go!


Update 4/5/16: Hi everybody! We have received another very generous donation of $500, which means we’ve reached our minimum monetary requirement for our start up! We are still $3,870 short of our final goal, but with the money we have currently raised we are able to purchase all the equipment necessary for a minimalist start-up! With this minimalist start-up we will have a fully operational bench, hand tools, safety equipment, base materials (31 lbs of glass), and a kiln.

One of the most exciting items we have purchased is a vintage Fisher Scientific Bench Burner pre-mix torch.

Fisher multi flame burner

We chose this torch above others for a few key reasons.

This model was first manufactured in the 1960’s and was one of the best glassblowing/lampworking torches of its time. Compared to some of the best modern torches, this is still a top tier torch at a fraction of the cost, and arguably of higher quality in some respects. Casted out of steel and brass, it is a extremely durable and reliable torch.  Due to the nature of it’s design, it is incredibly versatile with many diverse flame possibilities which is easy to manage due to the unique paddle operation feature (as opposed to knobs). This torch is a “pre-mix” torch, which means that the gases being used are mixed within the torches body, as opposed to a “surface-mix” torch where the gasses are mixed at the tip of the torch. The pre-mix option is preferable because it burns hotter than surface-mix option, which makes the torch better suited for borosilicate glass and quartz – two of the main materials we will be working with.


Thanks for all the support! We are so grateful for all the generosity and help we’ve received so far!